5 Cruelty Free Makeup Artists to Follow

 For anyone struggling to grasp the possibility of living a lifestyle supporting cruelty free brands with the fear of it limiting your creativity. Here are some beauty influencers and freelance makeup artists that surround their aesthetic around being and promoting using cruelty free makeup and cosmetic products.

Each influencer not only showcases a variety of looks ranging from everyday glam to runway editorial pieces of art. They also provide their own personal guide through navigating in an industry that fixates on the need to test on animals and focuses on recommending products suitable for different consumers.

1. Jkissa Makeup

Instagram- 312,000 followers
YouTube- 347, 000 followers
Twitter & Snapchat

2. Kristen Leanne

YouTube – 578,000 followers
Instagram- 842,000 followers

3. Andrea Matillano

YouTube –  269,000 followers
Instagram – 38,400 followers

4. Ms Jasmine Rose

View this post on Instagram

Keep calm and put your lipstick on! 💋💋💋 So blessed to be working with @elfcosmetics on their #crueltyfree campaign. If you purchase any of the e.l.f. velvet matte lipsticks, 10% of sales will go towards @savetheelephants ! My favorite velvet matte lipstick is “Blushing Brown” (pictured above) . ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 💋💋💋 There are also several amazing people who have picked their own products + charities. Check out @jkissamakeup, @cosmobyhayley, @logicalharmony, and @weylie to see what products they chose and what other charities e.l.f. will be donating to. ⠀ 💋💋💋 Question of the day: what is you go to lipstick color? My answer will be in the comments!

A post shared by Jasmine Rose 🇭🇹 (@msjasminerose) on

Instagram- 21,000 followers
YouTube – 86,000 followers

5. Derpina Mode

Instagram- 1,070 followers
YouTube- 17,000 followers


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