How to Transition to a Cruelty Free Lifestyle

So, you’ve heard all your friends and favourite influencers urging you to go cruelty-free, and you’ve seen all the atrocious ways animals are used and abused for your cosmetics, and now you’re wondering, how exactly do I switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle?

While we now know that becoming cruelty-free in the makeup and cosmetics you use can potentially save thousands of animals’ lives, it’s hard to realistically comprehend how you’re going to give up your favourite foundation or your favourite eyeshadow palette.

That’s why we’ve developed a list of tips and tricks to help you on your journey of making a difference!

1. Become inspired.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.11.32 pm

The first step is often the hardest, and it’s not easy to completely give up your favourite brands and products. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you are committed to becoming cruelty-free! This can be in the form of following some more influencers or brands that are cruelty-free, unfollowing brands that aren’t cruelty-free, or even asking friends or people you know who are cruelty-free for some tips and tricks on how they transitioned their lifestyle. It also helps to do a lot of research on different brands and the types of animal testing they do or don’t do.

2. Slow and Steady.

In order to become cruelty-free, you don’t need to change everything at once! The cosmetics industry is so wide-ranging that it’s typically better to focus on one area at a time. Perhaps starting with transitioning your shampoo or body wash and slowly moving towards makeup will make the process a lot smoother.

3. Test it Out!


The exciting part about becoming cruelty-free is that you have an excuse to try new products! There are so many different non-animal testing brands on the market, and you never know, you may find your new favourite product!

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