How Cruelty-Free Started in Australia

In 1989, The Body Shop started campaigning to end animal testing in cosmetics, and they were the first global cosmetics company to fight this cruelty. Although European Union banned animal testing in 2013, there are still 80% of countries allowed animal testing. As The Body Shop said, it is not only national issue, it is a global issue. The Body Shop has asked the signature from people who also has the same idea to join them and it will be easier for talking to the decision makers at the UN as they can. The Body Shop has posted their campaigns in different countries to ensure that this law is adopted and enforced everywhere.

When The Body Shop join in the Australian Market, it still follows its origin brand concept, keep it natural and do not test on the animals. It influences some Australian cosmetic brands, such as Sukin Australian. Sukin Australian, an Australian pioneer in natural skincare, is cruelty-free and low-toxic – no parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, artificial colours – so is better for users’ health.

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