Ingredients in Products to look out for that involve Animal Cruelty

Although ingredients derived from animals is not a form of animal testing, it does involve cruel practices that are painful and cost the lives of thousands of animals.

Below, are a list of ingredients to look out for in cosmetic products to further support the cruelty-free movement:


Ambergris- Produced in the intestinal tract of whales and used as a fixative in perfumes.

Beeswax- Extracted from the honeycomb of honey bees and used in lip products, creams and foundations

Carmine/ Carminic Acid/ Cochineal – A red pigment used in red, pink and warm coloured makeup made from crushing the female cochineal beetle.

Casein- extracted from cow’s milk and used in hair products and masks.

Cholesterol – derived from numerous animals for fat, tissue and eggs used in eye creams and shampoos

Estrogen – extracted from the urine of pregnant horses, found in anti-aging products.

Musk- source from the genital secretions of animals such as deers, otters, wild cats for fragrances.

Placenta- organ found in pregnant mammals and used in skin and hair treatments.

Polypeptides- animal-based protein found in anti-aging products

Polysorbates- fatty acid derivative used as emulsifier in a range of cosmetics.

Progesterone – animal-based steroid hormone used in anti-wrinkle creams.

Retinol- animal-derived vitamin A used in skin products and anti-aging creams.

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