Brands you use everyday that aren’t cruelty free

We use a range of cosmetic brands in our everyday routines, and we’re constantly being bombarded with new brands and new products to try. However, some of our most loved and most used brands may be guilty of animal cruelty. That’s why we’ve made a list of some beauty brands you might use everyday that aren’t cruelty-free.

  1. Maybelline

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s not cruelty-free. Unfortunately, Maybelline, one of the most popular drugstore brands, is not cruelty-free in accordance with its parent company L’Oreal’s policy.


  1. Clinique

A powerhouse brand in beauty, skincare, toiletries and fragrances, Clinique is another popular brand that has not yet made the switch to being cruelty-free. Being a high-end brand under one of the largest parent companies, Estee Lauder, it’s hard to conceive why they are still testing on animals. Nevertheless, the good news is there are many other affordable alternatives to Clinique.


  1. M.A.C

One of the most trusted makeup brands in the industry and loved by many professional makeup artists and celebrities, MAC was once a cruelty-free company. However, now being owned by parent company Estee Lauder and sold in China, means that animal testing is a requirement.

  1. NARS

Similar to MAC, NARS was originally a cruelty-free brand. However, since joining the Chinese market, their animal testing policy has been updated and they now test on animals when it is required by law.
Cutting out these beloved brands will be tough but worth it in the long run. For tips and tricks on how to transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle, check out our blog post here.


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