Why some brands are not cruelty free?

Some famous brands, such as L’Oreal Paris, are still not cruelty free. The main reason for doing this animal testing is to save cost. Their philosophy is that if they do not test on animals they need to change their testing material to artificial human skin, which will increase their annual costs.

In some countries like China, the government requires all imported cosmetic products to pass animal testing standards, therefore because of this reason, some brands who wish to compete in the Chinese market cannot become cruelty free brands.

Frankie Trull, president of the Foundation for Biomedical Research, told the NYT, “Most ingredients in cosmetic products were tested long ago, so very little testing is done nowadays. But in some cases, animal models are still a necessary part of ensuring ingredients will not cause harm to people.” This statement explains that while we have the technologies for alternatives to testing on animals, some companies still refuse to do so.

Because of the some countries’ laws, some brands are still testing on animals. Although it is hard to ask them to change the laws, it is possible to ask the brands to stop animal testing. We should try our best to overcome all kinds of issues by using artificial human skin, not using animals.

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