How does cruelty free help to save the environment?

Nowadays, there are a lot of prominent issues we are fighting for on this planet, with one of the most important being how do we save our environment? The great news is that we can fight two causes at once, as cruelty free products can actually help us to better the environment.

Since non-cruelty-free products test on animals, they need to use a lot of chemicals which are harmful to both the animals and the environment. Instead, more natural ingredients are a better all-around choice for humans and the Earth.

As we’ve mentioned before, cruelty-free products are animal-friendly, and put a halt to a heartbreaking issue. Around 500,000 animals are used in cruel tests in the cosmetic industry every year. A horrible statistic is that just 1 ingredient in a product can result in the deaths of 1400 animals.

The companies who are taking a part in making this planet a safe place to live for humans and animals, use various chemicals and other ingredients that are already been proved safe for living things. All the efforts of these companies are making sure that animals have the equal rights with humans for living in the Earth, as well as leaving an environmentally conscious footprint.

The cruelty-free products are also eco-friendly, as their products contain less harsh or toxic ingredients, that they are better for consumers’ health.

Let’s choose cruelty free products for protecting our environment, and decrease pollution for our Earth.

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